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Current version: 1.5.2
Published: 28.06.2009, Downloads: 4170

Tags: log, event, C++, proiect deschis

Authors: Ovidiu Cucu

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  • LogExpert is an open source project that aims to create a set of tools and reusable modules for working with Windows event logs (reading, listing, filters, monitoring, recording, etc.).
  • It is written in VC++ using Windows SDK, MFC, and other specific libraries.

LOGEXPERT 1.5.2 - screenshot in Windows 7
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  • Windows 2k, XP, Vista and Windows 7

Main characteristics

  • Simultaneous vizualization of records from different logs("Application", "System", etc).
  • Filtering records by different criteria (source, type, computer name, etc).
  • Ascending or descending sorting of records.
  • Selection and ordering of display fields (sourse, type, computer name, etc).
  • Disk persistance of filtering criteria, sorting options and other user settings.
  • Fast reading of records with a minimum memory consumption.

Version history

Version 1.5.2, 28.06.2009

  • Fixed problems indicated in the forum by mesajflaviu:
    • hide taskbar button.
    • dependencies in project lexpabout
    • added in the archive files .opt (VS6.0), and .suo (VS2008) to have lexprowser as "defaut project".
  • added and mutex to notify the user to close the application during setup.
  • used rebase.exe for a faster loading of DLLs.

Note: Tested on Windows 7.