Caut programator C# pentru proiect f usor, contra cost

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Caut programator C# pentru proiect f usor, contra cost

Post by andrew_red » 18 Aug 2015, 23:27

Caut urgent un programator c# pentru a ma ajuta cu un proiect foarte basic si foarte usor.
Cei interesati lasati si o oferta pt proiect

Proiectul este urmatorul:

Scenario: Basic Grading Information System
You are required to produce a prototype text-based menu system (driven by windows console
application) as specified below:
1. Login: The program should ask the user to enter username and password to login to the
a. If login details are successful then a menu of choices will be listed as in point 2.
b. The system will allow the user to try 3 times, if failed the program will exit the system
2. Main Menu: The program will have a menu system from which the user selects. There will
be 4 options available (Students Registration, Student Assessment, Students Information and
Important: The main menu should be implemented using Switch Statement.
3. Students Registration: The program asks the user to register students in the system.
a. Registration details: first name, second name, age, nationality, gender (male or
female), email address, username, password and grade (Grade should be by default
empty until student do his/her assessment – more details in 4).
b. After the completion of the student registration, the system will allow the user to add
new student, go back to main menu or exit the system.
Important: All student details should be stored in an Array
4. Student Assessment: The program should ask the user to enter student username and
password successfully to start an assessment. Then the program will ask the student five
questions as follows.
a. What is the area of a rectangle with a height = x and width = y (x and y are integer
numbers between 2 and 10 generated randomly by the program).
b. What is the average number of three given numbers (any 7 integer numbers between
10 and 100 generated randomly by the program)
c. What is the name of the displayed shape? (the program should be able to generate
randomly one of 4 shapes a diamond, triangle, square and rectangle).
d. What is the minimum and maximum of any 4 numbers (generated randomly by the
e. What is the name of the day next to the following day (a random day of the 7 week
days should be displayed).
- The program should check the student answers (true or false).
- Each correct answer should give the student 20 marks.
- A grade according (to the student score) should be added to the user
information based on the achievement as follows (A >= 70, B >=60, C
>=50, F<50).
- When the student completes the assessment, the result will be displayed
including student full name, score and grade and the main menu will be
displayed automatically.
5. Students Information: Selecting this option will display all the students’ information
available in the system.
6. Exit: This option should allow the user to exit the program

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